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When we signed him

Le 18 December 2017, 06:59 dans Humeurs 0

When we signed him, we did not set a goal for him, and if I thought about it, I would be surprised. I did not tell him how many balls you have to go in. We know we signed a very offensive midfielder Josh Manson Jersey, he played forwards in many games Anaheim Ducks Jerseys For Sale, but he also has the ability to assist teammates. Premier League scored 11 goals, scoring 4 goals in the Champions League, Stirling leading Manchester City team's top two scorer shooter list. This war, Stirling once met Harry - Kane violent to kick the leg foul, but fortunately not hurt Stirling, with scored twice before the end of the game into the Tottenham Was slaughtered nightmare. The first 80 minutes Jamie McGinn Jersey, Sane single pole broke into the restricted area on the left, but the German international unselfish choice of cross, so Stirling easily smoother NashToy gantry package. Before the end, Stirling with a ghost-like run Ilya Bryzgalov Jersey, off Tottenham backcourt back pass the ball, and homeopathic crotch off the goalkeeper pushed into the empty door again. Two seemingly very enjoyable goals, allowing Stirling to occupy the Premier League striker list No. 3, although behind Salah and Kane, but has led the Moratta, Lukaku, Rooney, Guerrero and other shooters.

But even more impressive Klopp

Le 18 December 2017, 06:59 dans Humeurs 0

But even more impressive Klopp is that Salah Hejchi's adaptability to the Premiership, whether physical or against high-intensity competition Andrew Cogliano Jersey, it is difficult to let him hurt. It is worth mentioning that the initial Salah is considered to be unable to adapt to the British Premier League leading to the failure to integrate into Chelsea. Klopp admitted, though he now uses rotation tactics, but always keep the best of Salah he was difficult to put on the bench. Stirling is still the Stirling, his "spit cake" ability is still very alarming. For example, this battle, he missed the team penalty kicked after the goal-fill empty door. Like the fans on Twitter said: 13 Premiership Ryan Kesler Jersey, Stirling waste of single-pole, close range and other golden opportunities at least 25 times Clayton Stoner Jersey, averaging two. If he can grasp half of them? Then he will also be nearly 30 half a season, scoring throughout the year will reach the average annual Massey C Lo Jason LaBarbera Jersey. Before Guardiola, there is no coach trying to conquer Premier League football control, such as the former Blues coach Boaz, but left the Premiership, Boas admitted that controlled football difficult to adapt to Premier League, even Guardio Pull, coach Manchester City's first season also acclimatized, the Premiership eventually ranked only third. However, after the players had taken Guardiola's tactical system, Manchester City started a powerful battle.

Klopp said Indeed

Le 18 December 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

Klopp said Indeed, he often starts, because you can hardly make him a substitute, he always be able to stay healthy, we talked with the team doctor a lot, he really rarely injury problems Matt Beleskey Jersey, you have never heard of He was injured, it was important, and Salah had always been very fortunate Jared Boll Jersey, he has not been injured before joining, we have seen him a lot of games, he looks a bit thin on television, but now he looks tough. Manchester City sits Etihad Stadium 4-1 victory over Tottenham, this season against BIG6 team to take 5 wins, scoring 15 goals scored only 3 goals, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham fans in the direct contest with the Blue Moon. Guardiola's team temporarily led the Premier League standings 14 points, absolutely deserved. The season so far, Manchester City unbeaten in the league, but in Europe's five major leagues, only Barcelona, ??Atletico unbeaten. Not only that, the blue moon is also strong and strong case of the face of the league's top 5 teams, Manchester City 5 victory, beat Liverpool 5 to 0 victory over Chelsea 1 to 0 than 3 to 1 victory over Arsenal Stefan Noesen Jersey, 2-1 win over Manchester United Anton Khudobin Jersey, 4 to 1 victory over Tottenham.

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